Exercises for Fit (and Happy) Feet →

When it comes to exercise, the focus is generally on the core, arms and/or legs.  But, it’s important to also keep your feet in shape!  Check out this article from Real Simple and this article from Active for a few easy foot exercises.  Toned abs and biceps are great, but healthy feet will keep you standing, walking, dancing and doing whatever the heck you want to do for a long time.

Photo from Real Simple.

A perk of having an office job?  More flexibility in choice of footwear.  

I can’t believe it’s June.  Although it’s not Summer just yet, it already seems like every day should be a sandal day.

I feel like I’m on vacation when I wear these strappy sandals.  As if I could be walking through an open air market in some sunny, tropical place.  The cobalt blue and cream with bits of yellow and green.  The floral heel.  The raffia straps with blue stitching, like the embroidery on peasant tops.  All elements of why I adore these shoes!

Almendro" T-Straps in Blue Motif by Schutz.  (Also available in Purple Motif.)

Shoes That Need to Be in My Closet… Now.

(1) United Nude “Eros" Curved Heel Sandals in Merlot/Navy; (2) Poetlic Licence "Miss Quoted" Wedge Heel Sandal in Blue; (3) Loeffler Randall "Opal" Sandal in Copper; (4) Schutz "Effie" Wedge Sandal in Black/White; (5) Seychelles "Gasp" Wedge Sandal in Yellow; (6) Dune London "Hath" Wedge Sandal in Gold

Finding My Favorite Things

I haven’t posted on my blog for several months.  For various reasons, I haven’t really felt motivated… though believe me I haven’t stopped buying shoes.  (That would be the day pigs started flying and hell froze over.)  I figured that the best way for me to get out of my sluggish state of mind (and state of inactivity) was to take my camera and start shooting pictures. This picture is of a few of my favorite things on my desk.  

My Golden Gate Ring Dish.  What can I say?  I’m a Bay Area/California girl through and through.

Some earrings.  While it’s a “ring dish”, I’ve placed a couple of the earrings I’ve recently worn there.  The ones in the center of the dish (with the squarish piece of quartz) are by Heidi Hodes, a jewelry designer/artist from Marin, CA.  The gold leaf earrings I found at Zuma in Point Reyes Station, CA.

That bluish thing that looks like water?  (Under my Golden Gate Bridge, because I was trying to be creative.)  It’s a slice of agate.  I got mine from the gift shop at Black Chasm Cavern in Gold Country where I recently took my nephews on a trip.

I Like Oomph

I feel naked without a pair of interesting shoes.  These black and white strappy sandals are cute, but the Missoni-esque striped heels adds oomph and makes them more than just a pair of cute shoes.

Sasha" in Black/White by Lauren Ralph Lauren.

Pearl necklaces by Mabel Chong.  (I was at the Professional BusinessWomen of California Conference in SF when I came across Mabel Chong’s exhibit.  Her pieces are gorgeous and I couldn’t pass on these pearl necklaces.  I admire women who start their own business because it definitely takes a lot of courage and self-confidence.) 

Spring Has Sprung

Finding lemon clover is like Spring knocking on my front door, saying “I’m here!” It’s technically a weed, but I actually find it pretty when it grows into a thick green shaggy carpet with little pops of yellow. 

Plenty by Tracy Reese “Vesper" Sandal

A few weeks ago, my sister asked me “So what do you want for your birthday?  Shoes?”  I actually told her no.  Shocking, huh?  (Her present was tickets to the SF Ballet’s production of Cinderella.  It was wonderful, and the sets were amazing!  If you happen to be in NYC in late October, it will be on tour there.)

Just because I didn’t ask for shoes doesn’t mean I haven’t been trolling for new ones.  And, what exactly have I been looking for?  Spring colored shoes!  I love how these heels (Miss Albright “Domino”) have crisscrossing straps of pastel colors, looking like a rainbow.  Warning… if you have wide feet, you might have to opt for a larger size.  The toe felt quite narrow on these shoes.  Since the straps are fabric, there is no “give” like you might find with leather.

Farylrobin “Torre" T-Strap Heels

Les Fleurs (Michelle Abrams) print.

OK, Just One More!

I know I talked about mixed media shoes already, but I wanted to highlight this pump.  The contrast between black/white snakeskin print and cobalt blue suede and the low-ish* heel make it perfect for work.  (It’s trendy but not overly so.  I wear some pretty interesting shoes to work, but even I realize there’s a line between the workplace and a party.)
Aldo “Charlo" with blue suede. 
*p.s. The heel is 3 inches, which might not be considered by some people as “low-ish”.